How to Pray the Rosary

This site is dedicated to providing free downloadable formats of the Holy Rosary that can be printed easily from a home printer.

All versions of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary from this site contain the special meditations per each Hail Mary. These meditations pertain the life of Jesus, Mary and the Infant Church in each of the four Holy Mystery chaplets: Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries and Glorious Mysteries.

Here is the standard US letter full page version of the rosary with ten meditations for each decade. It is 14 pages total and it includes all of the Rosary prayers. Below are sample pictures; the front page with instructions and a typical rosary page with two decades of Mysteries and meditations.

Download the PDF print version of the Holy Rosary

Prayers and Meditations of the Holy Rosary [small version 315 kb]

Prayers and Meditations of the Holy Rosary [large version 1 Mb]

To view and print these pages, you will need any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader after 5.0 which is a freely available program directly from Adobe Systems Incorporated:

To download the free version of Adobe Reader, go to

Special thanks to The Rosary Center which is part of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary. They have provided free use of the images contained in the PDF files available from this site. The Rosary Center also offers printed prayer booklets for the Rosary at a very low cost which probably only covers their printing and mailing fees.

The New Advent Catholic website offers a single page, printable version of the Rosary with each of the Decades and prayers, but without the meditations. Go to and download the single page version which they offer.